2019 Associate Lecturer: Department of History, University of Sydney Australia.
2018 – 2020 Postdoctoral Research Associate: University of Western Australia
Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant: Gendering the Italian Wars
Project: Material culture of war and conflict: the dress, jewellery and armour of the Valois-Habsburg Italian Wars (c. 1494-1559).
Supervisor: Prof Susan Broomhall
2014-2018 Doctor of Philosophy: Department of History, University of Sydney
Thesis: Bodies of Whalebone, Wood, Metal and Cloth: Shaping Femininity in England, 1560-1690
Supervisors: Dr John Gagné, A/Prof Nicholas Eckstein, Dr Julie Smith
Markers: Prof Susan Broomhall, Prof Beverly Lemire, Prof Maria Hayward.
2015 Visiting Doctoral Researcher: Department of History, Kings College London
Supervisors: Prof Laura Gowing and Prof Evelyn Welch



Bachelor of Arts (Honours History, 1st Class): University of Sydney.
Thesis: Bodies, Stays, Bodices and Busks: The Early Modern Corset and the Performance of Gender and Sexuality in Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century England
Supervisor: John Gagné
2008-2011 Bachelor of Arts: History and English, University of Sydney




Sarah A Bendall, Shaping Femininity: Foundation Garments, the Body, and Women in Early Modern England (Bloomsbury Academic/Visual Arts, forthcoming)

Journal Articles

2019 Sarah A. Bendall, “The case of the ‘french vardinggale’: A Methodological Approach to Reconstructing and Understanding Ephemeral Garments”, in Fashion Theory, Special Issue on ‘The Making Turn’, edited by Peter McNeil and Melissa Bellanta, 23, 3 (2019): 363-399. DOI: 10.1080/1362704X.2019.1603862.
2019 Sarah A. Bendall, “‘Take Measure of your Wide and Flaunting Garments’: The Farthingale, Gender and the Consumption of Space in Elizabethan and Jacobean England”, Renaissance Studies vol. 33, 5 (2019): 712-737. DOI: 10.1111/rest.12537.
2014 Sarah Anne Bendall, “To Write a Distick upon It: Busks and the Language of Courtship and Sexual Desire in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England”, in Gender & History, 26, 2, (2014): 199–222. DOI: 10.1111/1468-0424.12066.
** If you would like to read any of my articles but do not have institutional access please email me, I am more than happy to share them via private correspondence.


2019 Sarah A Bendall, “Review of Fashioning the Early Modern: Dress, Textiles, and Innovation in Europe”, TEXTILE: Cloth and Culture (2019): 1-3. DOI: 10.1080/14759756.2018.1522160.
2018 S. A. Bendall, “Review of Concepts of Value in European Material Culture, 1500–1900 ed. by Bert De Munck, Dries Lyna”, Parergon 35, 1, (2018): 218-219. DOI: 10.1353/pgn.2018.0057.



Grants, Fellowships and Awards

2018 Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SSEMW) Margaret Hannay Visiting Fellow. Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C. November 2018 – January 2018.
Project: Shaping Femininity: Consuming and Wearing Structural Undergarments in sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century England
2018 David Walker Memorial Visiting Fellow in Early Modern History.
The Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, UK. September – November 2018.
Project: Making and Buying Deformed Fashions: The Tailoring, Body-making and Farthingale-making trades in sixteenth and seventeenth-century England
2018 Research Project Grant awarded by the Pasold Research Fund. University of Edinburgh, UK. May 2018.
Project: Making and Buying Deformed Fashions: The Tailoring, Body-making and Farthingale-making trades in sixteenth and seventeenth-century England
2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Western Australia.
2014 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).



“They do swarm through all parts of London: The place of the Body-making and Farthingale-making trades in the Textile Industries of Seventeenth-Century London”, History on a Wednesday, University of Sydney.  16 October 2019. Invited.
“Historical dress reconstruction: accessing female experience in early modern studies”, Doing Feminist History: A Symposium for Emerging Historians, University of Technology Sydney, 29 August 2019. Selected.
“Response to Tim McCall: Historical Reconstruction”, Masterclass: Fashion & Power in Premodern Europe, University of Sydney, 2 August 2019. Invited.
“The Body Makers: Making and Buying Foundation Garments in Early Modern England”, Sydney Feminist History Group, University of Technology Sydney. 27 June 2019. Invited.
“Enseignes and Hat Badges: Fashioning Allegiances, Masculinity and Power during the Italian Wars”, 12th Biennial ANZAMEMS Conference: Categories, Boundaries, Horizons, University of Sydney, 5-8 February 2019. Selected.
“The case of the ‘french vardinggale’: A Methodological Approach to Reconstructing and Understanding Ephemeral Garments”, Fashion Studies: An International Perspective, University of Technology Sydney. 6-7 April 2018. Invited.
“Sewing ‘deform’d’ fashions: Understanding Women’s Experiences & Challenging Historical Myths with Historical Dress Reproduction”, Fashioning Dress: Sewing and Skill, 1500-1850, University of Warwick, Coventry. 19 May 2017. Selected.
“‘Our Countrey girles are a kin to your London Courtiers’: The Dissemination of Structural Undergarments and the Changing Hierarchy of Appearances in Seventeenth-century England”, Objects and Possessions: Material Goods in a Changing World 1200-1800, University of Southampton.  3-6 April 2017.  Selected.
“Re-shaping Appearances: Non-Elite consumption and the dissemination of Structural Female Undergarments in Seventeenth-Century England”, 11th Biennial ANZAMEMS Conference: Mobility and Exchange, Victoria University of Wellington.  7-10 February 2017. Selected.
“Shaping Silhouettes, Shaping Femininity: Constituting Femininity Through Structural Undergarments in England, 1560–1680”, Gender Worlds, 500-1800: New Perspectives, The Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies & Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group XXII Annual Conference, The University of Western Australia. 8 October 2016. Selected.
““Nothing is fashionable, till it bee deform’d’: The Artificial Body and Disputed Visions of Femininity in early Seventeenth-Century England”, Material In Formation New Research on Dress Symposium, Department of Art History & The Power Institute, University of Sydney. 19 August 2016. Invited.
“Writing Love on the Body: The Busk and Romantic Love in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century England and France”, Romantic Rituals: ‘Making Love’ in Europe c. 1600-Present, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, University of Adelaide. 4 July 2016. Selected.
“Sewing Deform’d Fashions: Making and Knowing with Reconstruction in Early Modern Dress History”, Addressing Absence: Sources for Exploring Dress and the Body, History on a Monday, University of Sydney. 16 May 2016. Invited.
“Making Deform’d Fashions: The Merits of Reconstruction in Early Modern Dress History”, Art History & Film Studies Research Seminars, University of Sydney. 17 March 2016. Invited.
“Imagining Farthingales: Women, the Farthingale and the Transgression of Space in England and France during the long Seventeenth Century”, Matter and Materiality in the Early Modern World, University of Cambridge. 12 June 2015. Selected.
“Bodies, Gender and the Politics of Clothing in Early Modern England”, Early Modern Studies & Political Criticism Today: The Way Forward, Joint Postgraduate Conference: Kings College London & University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Co-authored with Giulia Mari. 8 May, 2015. Invited.
“Controlling Sex: Women’s Structural Undergarments, Sexuality and Reproduction, 1560-1690”, Social History Society Conference, University of Portsmouth. 31 March- 2 April, 2015. Selected.
“‘What use are these farthingales, If not to generate scandal?’: The farthingale, Women and sexual (in)discretion in England and France, 1550-1620”, Early modern Forum, Kings College London. 18 March 2015. Invited.
“Supersizing Fashion and the next big thing: Rihanna and the Farthingale? The Farthingale, Power and Space in England and France, 1560-1620”, Histories Past, History’s Future, University of Sydney. 27-28th November, 2014. Selected.



Semester 2 2019

University of Sydney

HSTY3702: Century of Crisis? England 1603-1688 Original Undergraduate Unit
Semester 1 2019

University of Sydney

HSTY4102 | Seminar B – Early Modern European Sources and Paleography Original Honours Seminar
Semester 1 2019

University of Sydney

HSTY2710: Renaissance and Reformation Undergraduate Unit



Semester 1 2018 Department of History at The University of Sydney
  ‘HSTY1002: Age of Empires’ (Coordinators: Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice & Dr Hélène Sirantoine
Semester 2 2017 Department of Art History at The University of Sydney
  ‘ARHT2674: Fashion and Dress: Past and Present’ (Coordinator: Dr Mark De-Vitis)
Semester 2 2016 Department of History at The University of Sydney
  ‘HSTY1044: Twentieth-Century Europe’  (Coordinator: Professor Dirk Moses)
Semester 2 2015 Department of History at The University of Sydney
‘HSTY1031 : Renaissance and Reformation, 1498-1648’ (Coordinator : Dr John Gagné)



2019 Allied Researcher Textiles, Trade and Meaning in Italy: 1400-2018, Australian Centre for Italian Studies (ACIS)
2018 Parergon 2018 ECR Committee Member Provide advice to the Editorial team on content and production and support the aims of ANZAMEMS with regard to the publication of its journal Parergon.
2017-2019 Academic Advisor, The University of Sydney Provided advice to students on academic programs, practical information related to curriculum and degrees and assists students to make informed decisions about their academic and professional goals.
2016 Conference Co-lead organiser & Chair University of Sydney Postgraduate Conference: Historical Identities
2016 Postgraduate Representative Postgraduate Representative for the Department of History, University of Sydney
2014 Conference Organiser and Chair University of Sydney Postgraduate Conference: Histories Past, History’s Future
2014 Conference Chair Department of History Honours Conference, University of Sydney



  • Australia and New Zealand Medieval & Early Modern Society, member
  • The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, member
  • The Costume Society, member