Journal Articles

Sarah A. Bendall, ‘The queens’ dressmakers: women’s work and the clothing trades in late seventeenth-century London‘, Women’s History Review 32, 3 (2023): 389-414.

Sarah A. Bendall, ‘Whalebone and the Wardrobe of Elizabeth I: Whaling and the Construction of Aristocratic Fashions in Sixteenth-Century Europe‘, Apparence(s): Histoire et Culture du Paraître, Special Issue on ‘Modes Animales’, edited by Ariane Fennetaux and Gabriele Mentges (2022).

Sarah A. Bendall, ‘Adorning Masculinities? The Commissioning and Wearing of Hat Badges during the Habsburg-Valois Italian Wars‘, Sixteenth Century Journal 52, 3, (2021): 539-70.

Sarah A. Bendall, ‘The case of the “french vardinggale”: A Methodological Approach to Reconstructing and Understanding Ephemeral Garments’, in Fashion Theory, Special Issue on ‘The Making Turn’, edited by Peter McNeil and Melissa Bellanta 23, 3 (2019): 363-399.

Public History 

Isabella’s Undergarments’, Digital Humanities Project Clothing and textiles at the court of Mantua: Fashioning Isabella d’Este. Australasian Centre for Italian Studies, in collaboration with the Isabella D’Este Archive project.


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