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Rebato, c. 1600-1625 | Part Four: Making the Linen Collar

  1. Rebato, c. 1600-1625 Part One: Brief History and Materials
  2. Rebato, c. 1600-1625 Part Two: The Pattern
  3. Rebato, c. 1600-1625 Part Three: Making the Wire Frame
  4. Rebato, c. 1600-1625 Part Four: Making the Linen Collar
  5. Rebato, c. 1600-1625 Part Five: Finishing the Rebato



1. Place and cut the pattern. I’m using a lightweight semi-transparent linen.


2. Hem the outside edge (narrow hem) of the collar. Pleat the inner band of the linen collar.


3. Check that the pleats are even and the shape looks like this.


4. Check that the linen collar fits the rebato frame. Sew down the pleats and iron flat.


5. Choose a decorative lace trim. Here I’m using 3cm wide guipure lace, which is a type of bobbin lace


6. Sew the lace on.


7. And your collar is finished.

2 thoughts on “Rebato, c. 1600-1625 | Part Four: Making the Linen Collar”

  1. I can’t work out how you go from the lines indicating the darts to constructing the darts. How wide are they at the base?

    1. Hi Kelly, I think the darts were between 1-2 inches at the base. This was quite a while ago that I did this and honestly I think it was just a bit of trial and error and eyeballing it in the end. Sorry I can’t be more precise!

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